HologramDepthmap Library
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HologramGenerator Class Reference

Main class for generating a hologram using depth map data. More...

#include <HologramGenerator.h>

Public Member Functions

 HologramGenerator ()
 Constructor. More...
 ~HologramGenerator ()
 Destructor. More...
void setMode (bool isCPU)
 Set the value of a variable isCPU_(true or false) More...
bool readConfig ()
 Read parameters from a config file(config_openholo.txt). More...
void initialize ()
 Initialize variables for CPU and GPU implementation. More...
void GenerateHologram ()
 Generate a hologram, main funtion. More...
void ReconstructImage ()
 It is a testing function used for the reconstruction. More...

Private Member Functions

void get_rand_phase_value (Complex &rand_phase_val)
 Assign random phase value if RANDOM_PHASE == 1. More...
void get_shift_phase_value (Complex &shift_phase_val, int idx, ivec2 sig_location)
 Calculate the shift phase value. More...
void fftwShift (Complex *src, Complex *dst, fftw_complex *in, fftw_complex *out, int nx, int ny, int type, bool bNomalized=false)
 Convert data from the spatial domain to the frequency domain using 2D FFT on CPU. More...
void exponent_complex (Complex *val)
 Calculate the exponential of the complex number. More...
void fftShift (int nx, int ny, Complex *input, Complex *output)
 Swap the top-left quadrant of data with the bottom-right , and the top-right quadrant with the bottom-left. More...
void init_CPU ()
 Initialize variables for the CPU implementation. More...
void init_GPU ()
 Initialize variables for the GPU implementation. More...
bool ReadImageDepth (int ftr)
 Read image and depth map. More...
bool prepare_inputdata_CPU (uchar *img, uchar *dimg)
 Preprocess input image & depth map data for the CPU implementation. More...
bool prepare_inputdata_GPU (uchar *img, uchar *dimg)
 Copy input image & depth map data into a GPU. More...
void GetDepthValues ()
 Calculate the physical distances of depth map layers. More...
void change_depth_quan_CPU ()
 Quantize depth map on the CPU, when the number of depth quantization is not the default value (i.e. FLAG_CHANGE_DEPTH_QUANTIZATION == 1 ). More...
void change_depth_quan_GPU ()
 Quantize depth map on the GPU, when the number of depth quantization is not the default value (i.e. FLAG_CHANGE_DEPTH_QUANTIZATION == 1 ). More...
void TransformViewingWindow ()
 Transform target object to reflect the system configuration of holographic display. More...
void Calc_Holo_by_Depth (int frame)
 Generate a hologram. More...
void Calc_Holo_CPU (int frame)
 Main method for generating a hologram on the CPU. More...
void Calc_Holo_GPU (int frame)
 Main method for generating a hologram on the GPU. More...
void Propagation_AngularSpectrum_CPU (Complex *input_u, double propagation_dist)
 Angular spectrum propagation method for CPU implementation. More...
void Propagation_AngularSpectrum_GPU (cufftDoubleComplex *input_u, double propagation_dist)
 Angular spectrum propagation method for GPU implementation. More...
void Encoding_Symmetrization (ivec2 sig_location)
 Encode the CGH according to a signal location parameter. More...
void encoding_CPU (int cropx1, int cropx2, int cropy1, int cropy2, ivec2 sig_location)
 Encode the CGH according to a signal location parameter on the CPU. More...
void encoding_GPU (int cropx1, int cropx2, int cropy1, int cropy2, ivec2 sig_location)
 Encode the CGH according to a signal location parameter on GPU. More...
void Write_Result_image (int ftr)
 Write the result image. More...
void Reconstruction (fftw_complex *in, fftw_complex *out)
 It is a testing function used for the reconstruction. More...
void Test_Propagation_to_Eye_Pupil (fftw_complex *in, fftw_complex *out)
 It is a testing function used for the reconstruction. More...
void Write_Simulation_image (int num, double val)
 It is a testing function used for the reconstruction. More...
void circshift (Complex *in, Complex *out, int shift_x, int shift_y, int nx, int ny)
 It is a testing function used for the reconstruction. More...

Private Attributes

bool isCPU_
 if true, it is implemented on the CPU, otherwise on the GPU. More...
unsigned char * img_src_gpu_
 GPU variable - image source data, values are from 0 to 255. More...
unsigned char * dimg_src_gpu_
 GPU variable - depth map data, values are from 0 to 255. More...
double * depth_index_gpu_
 GPU variable - quantized depth map data. More...
double * img_src_
 CPU variable - image source data, values are from 0 to 1. More...
double * dmap_src_
 CPU variable - depth map data, values are from 0 to 1. More...
double * depth_index_
 CPU variable - quantized depth map data. More...
int * alpha_map_
 CPU variable - calculated alpha map data, values are 0 or 1. More...
double * dmap_
 CPU variable - physical distances of depth map. More...
double dstep_
 the physical increment of each depth map layer. More...
std::vector< double > dlevel_
 the physical value of all depth map layer. More...
std::vector< double > dlevel_transform_
 transfomed dlevel_ variable More...
 CPU variable - the generated hologram before encoding. More...
double * u255_fringe_
 the final hologram, used for writing the result image. More...
HologramParams params_
 structure variable for hologram parameters More...
std::string SOURCE_FOLDER
 input source folder - config file. More...
std::string IMAGE_PREFIX
 the prefix of the input image file - config file. More...
std::string DEPTH_PREFIX
 the prefix of the deptmap file - config file More...
std::string RESULT_FOLDER
 the name of the result folder - config file More...
std::string RESULT_PREFIX
 the prefix of the result file - config file More...
 if true, the input image is static. More...
 the start frame number. More...
 the total number of the frame. More...
 the number of digit of frame number. More...
int Transform_Method_
 transform method More...
int Propagation_Method_
 propagation method - currently AngularSpectrum More...
int Encoding_Method_
 encoding method - currently Symmetrization More...
 wave length More...
 if true, change the depth quantization from the default value. More...
 default value of the depth quantization - 256 More...
 depth level of input depthmap. More...
 If true, random phase is imposed on each depth layer. More...
std::string Simulation_Result_File_Prefix_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
int test_pixel_number_scale_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
vec2 Pixel_pitch_xy_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
ivec2 SLM_pixel_number_xy_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
double f_field_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
double eye_length_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
double eye_pupil_diameter_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
vec2 eye_center_xy_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
double focus_distance_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
int sim_type_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
double sim_from_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
double sim_to_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
int sim_step_num_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
double * sim_final_
 reconstruction variable for testing More...
 reconstruction variable for testing More...

Detailed Description

This is a main class for generating a digital hologram using depth map data. It is implemented on the CPU and GPU.

  1. Read Config file. - to set all parameters needed for generating a hologram.
  2. Initialize all variables. - memory allocation on the CPU and GPU.
  3. Generate a digital hologram using depth map data.
  4. For the testing purpose, reconstruct a image from the generated hologram.

Definition at line 130 of file HologramGenerator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HologramGenerator()

HologramGenerator::HologramGenerator ( )

Initialize variables.

Definition at line 15 of file HologramGenerator.cpp.

◆ ~HologramGenerator()

HologramGenerator::~HologramGenerator ( )

Definition at line 43 of file HologramGenerator.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ exponent_complex()

void HologramGenerator::exponent_complex ( Complex val)
val: input & ouput value
See also
Propagation_AngularSpectrum_CPU, Calc_Holo_CPU

Definition at line 351 of file HologramGenerator_CPU.cpp.

◆ fftShift()

void HologramGenerator::fftShift ( int  nx,
int  ny,
Complex input,
Complex output 
nx: the number of column of the input data
ny: the number of row of the input data
input: input data variable
output: output data variable
See also

Definition at line 332 of file HologramGenerator_CPU.cpp.

◆ fftwShift()

void HologramGenerator::fftwShift ( Complex src,
Complex dst,
fftw_complex *  in,
fftw_complex *  out,
int  nx,
int  ny,
int  type,
bool  bNomarlized = false 

It is equivalent to Matlab code, dst = ifftshift(fft2(fftshift(src))).

src: input data variable
dst: output data variable
in: input data pointer connected with FFTW plan
out: ouput data pointer connected with FFTW plan
nx: the number of column of the input data
ny: the number of row of the input data
type: If type == 1, forward FFT, if type == -1, backward FFT.
bNomarlized: If bNomarlized == true, normalize the result after FFT.
See also
Propagation_AngularSpectrum_CPU, encoding_CPU

Definition at line 285 of file HologramGenerator_CPU.cpp.

◆ get_rand_phase_value()

void HologramGenerator::get_rand_phase_value ( Complex rand_phase_val)

If RANDOM_PHASE == 1, calculate a random phase value using random generator; otherwise, random phase value is 1.

rand_phase_val: Input & Ouput value.

Definition at line 457 of file HologramGenerator.cpp.

◆ get_shift_phase_value()

void HologramGenerator::get_shift_phase_value ( Complex shift_phase_val,
int  idx,
ivec2  sig_location 
shift_phase_val: output variable.
idx: the current pixel position.
sig_location: signal location.
See also

Definition at line 367 of file HologramGenerator_CPU.cpp.

◆ setMode()

void HologramGenerator::setMode ( bool  isCPU)
  if isCPU_ == true
     CPU implementation
     GPU implementation 
isCPU: the value for specifying whether the hologram generation method is implemented on the CPU or GPU

Definition at line 56 of file HologramGenerator.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ alpha_map_

int* HologramGenerator::alpha_map_

Definition at line 234 of file HologramGenerator.h.



Definition at line 264 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ depth_index_

double* HologramGenerator::depth_index_

Definition at line 233 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ depth_index_gpu_

double* HologramGenerator::depth_index_gpu_

Definition at line 229 of file HologramGenerator.h.


std::string HologramGenerator::DEPTH_PREFIX

Definition at line 249 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ dimg_src_gpu_

unsigned char* HologramGenerator::dimg_src_gpu_

Definition at line 228 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ dlevel_

std::vector<double> HologramGenerator::dlevel_

Definition at line 239 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ dlevel_transform_

std::vector<double> HologramGenerator::dlevel_transform_

Definition at line 240 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ dmap_

double* HologramGenerator::dmap_

Definition at line 236 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ dmap_src_

double* HologramGenerator::dmap_src_

Definition at line 232 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ dstep_

double HologramGenerator::dstep_

Definition at line 238 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ Encoding_Method_

int HologramGenerator::Encoding_Method_

Definition at line 259 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ eye_center_xy_

vec2 HologramGenerator::eye_center_xy_

Definition at line 277 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ eye_length_

double HologramGenerator::eye_length_

Definition at line 275 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ eye_pupil_diameter_

double HologramGenerator::eye_pupil_diameter_

Definition at line 276 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ f_field_

double HologramGenerator::f_field_

Definition at line 274 of file HologramGenerator.h.



Definition at line 263 of file HologramGenerator.h.


bool HologramGenerator::FLAG_STATIC_IMAGE

Definition at line 252 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ focus_distance_

double HologramGenerator::focus_distance_

Definition at line 278 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ hh_complex_

Complex* HologramGenerator::hh_complex_

Definition at line 284 of file HologramGenerator.h.


std::string HologramGenerator::IMAGE_PREFIX

Definition at line 248 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ img_src_

double* HologramGenerator::img_src_

Definition at line 231 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ img_src_gpu_

unsigned char* HologramGenerator::img_src_gpu_

Definition at line 227 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ isCPU_

bool HologramGenerator::isCPU_

Definition at line 225 of file HologramGenerator.h.



Definition at line 265 of file HologramGenerator.h.



Definition at line 255 of file HologramGenerator.h.


uint HologramGenerator::NUMBER_OF_FRAME

Definition at line 254 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ params_

HologramParams HologramGenerator::params_

Definition at line 245 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ Pixel_pitch_xy_

vec2 HologramGenerator::Pixel_pitch_xy_

Definition at line 272 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ Propagation_Method_

int HologramGenerator::Propagation_Method_

Definition at line 258 of file HologramGenerator.h.


bool HologramGenerator::RANDOM_PHASE

Definition at line 266 of file HologramGenerator.h.


std::string HologramGenerator::RESULT_FOLDER

Definition at line 250 of file HologramGenerator.h.


std::string HologramGenerator::RESULT_PREFIX

Definition at line 251 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ sim_final_

double* HologramGenerator::sim_final_

Definition at line 283 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ sim_from_

double HologramGenerator::sim_from_

Definition at line 280 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ sim_step_num_

int HologramGenerator::sim_step_num_

Definition at line 282 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ sim_to_

double HologramGenerator::sim_to_

Definition at line 281 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ sim_type_

int HologramGenerator::sim_type_

Definition at line 279 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ Simulation_Result_File_Prefix_

std::string HologramGenerator::Simulation_Result_File_Prefix_

Definition at line 270 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ SLM_pixel_number_xy_

ivec2 HologramGenerator::SLM_pixel_number_xy_

Definition at line 273 of file HologramGenerator.h.


std::string HologramGenerator::SOURCE_FOLDER

Definition at line 247 of file HologramGenerator.h.


uint HologramGenerator::START_OF_FRAME_NUMBERING

Definition at line 253 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ test_pixel_number_scale_

int HologramGenerator::test_pixel_number_scale_

Definition at line 271 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ Transform_Method_

int HologramGenerator::Transform_Method_

Definition at line 257 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ u255_fringe_

double* HologramGenerator::u255_fringe_

Definition at line 243 of file HologramGenerator.h.

◆ U_complex_

Complex* HologramGenerator::U_complex_

Definition at line 242 of file HologramGenerator.h.


double HologramGenerator::WAVELENGTH

Definition at line 261 of file HologramGenerator.h.

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