OpenHolo Digital Holographic Contents

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제11회 홀로그래피 심층기술 워크숍
홀로그래피 기술의 Bottleneck & Breakthrough
OpenHolo beta 3.0 Reference Update
OpenHolo beta 3.0 Document Update
파이썬을 이용한 Openholo 홀로그램 생성 유저 가이드(항목생성)
파이썬을 이용한 Openholo 홀로그램 생성 유저 가이드(항목생성)


OpenHolo Digital Holographic Contents

OpenHolo is an open source library which contains algorithms and their software implementation for generation of holograms to be applied in various fields. The goal behind the library development is facilitating production of digital holographic contents and expanding the area of their application. The developed by us open source library is a tool for computer generation of holograms, simulations and signal processing at various formats of 3D input data and properties of the 3D displays. Based on this, we want to lay the foundation for commercializing digital holographic service in various fields. The OpenHolo library has been developed in conjunction with the following development environment and provides Q & A, Open Source Software, Target Platform and BSD License.