Openholo  v1.0
Open Source Digital Holographic Library
ophTriMesh_GPU.h File Reference
#include "ophTriMesh.h"
#include "sys.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <cuda_runtime.h>
#include <cufft.h>
#include <curand.h>
#include <math_constants.h>
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#define HANDLE_ERROR(err)   (HandleError( err, __FILE__, __LINE__ ))
#define HANDLE_NULL(a)
#define CUDA_CALL(x)
#define CURAND_CALL(x)


void call_cudaKernel_refAS (cufftDoubleComplex *output, int nx, int ny, double px, double py, unsigned int SHADING_FLAG, int idx, double waveLength, double pi, double shadingFactor, double av0, double av1, double av2, double glRot0, double glRot1, double glRot2, double glRot3, double glRot4, double glRot5, double glRot6, double glRot7, double glRot8, double loRot0, double loRot1, double loRot2, double loRot3, double glShiftX, double glShiftY, double glShiftZ, double carrierWaveX, double carrierWaveY, double carrierWaveZ, double min_double, double tolerence, CUstream_st *streamTriMesh)
void call_fftGPU (int nx, int ny, cufftDoubleComplex *input, cufftDoubleComplex *output, CUstream_st *streamTriMesh)


cufftDoubleComplex * angularSpectrum_GPU
cufftDoubleComplex * ffttemp
cudaStream_t streamTriMesh

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CUDA_CALL (   x)
{ if((x)!=cudaSuccess) { \
printf("Error at %s:%d\n",__FILE__,__LINE__);\
exit( EXIT_FAILURE ); }}

Definition at line 75 of file ophTriMesh_GPU.h.


#define CURAND_CALL (   x)
printf("Error at %s:%d\n",__FILE__,__LINE__);\
exit( EXIT_FAILURE ); }}

Definition at line 78 of file ophTriMesh_GPU.h.


#define HANDLE_ERROR (   err)    (HandleError( err, __FILE__, __LINE__ ))

Definition at line 68 of file ophTriMesh_GPU.h.


#define HANDLE_NULL (   a)
{if (a == NULL) { \
printf( "Host memory failed in %s at line %d\n", __FILE__, __LINE__ ); \
exit( EXIT_FAILURE );}}

Definition at line 71 of file ophTriMesh_GPU.h.

Function Documentation

◆ call_cudaKernel_refAS()

void call_cudaKernel_refAS ( cufftDoubleComplex *  output,
int  nx,
int  ny,
double  px,
double  py,
unsigned int  SHADING_FLAG,
int  idx,
double  waveLength,
double  pi,
double  shadingFactor,
double  av0,
double  av1,
double  av2,
double  glRot0,
double  glRot1,
double  glRot2,
double  glRot3,
double  glRot4,
double  glRot5,
double  glRot6,
double  glRot7,
double  glRot8,
double  loRot0,
double  loRot1,
double  loRot2,
double  loRot3,
double  glShiftX,
double  glShiftY,
double  glShiftZ,
double  carrierWaveX,
double  carrierWaveY,
double  carrierWaveZ,
double  min_double,
double  tolerence,
CUstream_st *  streamTriMesh 

◆ call_fftGPU()

void call_fftGPU ( int  nx,
int  ny,
cufftDoubleComplex *  input,
cufftDoubleComplex *  output,
CUstream_st *  streamTriMesh 

Variable Documentation

◆ angularSpectrum_GPU

cufftDoubleComplex* angularSpectrum_GPU

Definition at line 82 of file ophTriMesh_GPU.h.

◆ ffttemp

cufftDoubleComplex* ffttemp

Definition at line 83 of file ophTriMesh_GPU.h.

◆ streamTriMesh

cudaStream_t streamTriMesh

Definition at line 85 of file ophTriMesh_GPU.h.