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ophRec Class Referenceabstract

#include <ophRec.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ophRec (void)
 Constructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Openholo
 Openholo (void)
 Constructor. More...
virtual bool saveAsImg (const char *fname, uint8_t bitsperpixel, uchar *src, int width, int height)
 Function for creating image files. More...
virtual ucharloadAsImg (const char *fname)
 Function for loading image files. More...
virtual bool saveAsOhc (const char *fname)
 Function to write OHC file
virtual bool loadAsOhc (const char *fname)
 Function to read OHC file. More...
Complex< Real > ** getComplexField (void)
 Function for getting the complex field. More...
OphConfiggetContext (void)
 Function for getting the current context. More...
void setPixelNumber (ivec2 n)
 Function for setting the output resolution. More...
void setPixelPitch (vec2 p)
 Function for setting the output pixel pitch. More...
void setWaveLength (Real w, const uint idx)
 Function for setting the wave length. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Base
 Base (void)
 Constructor. More...
unsigned long addRef (void)
 If referenced this(Base's child, not abstract class) instance, must call this method. More...
unsigned long release (void)
 Call release() when reference is finished. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~ophRec (void)
 Destructor. More...
virtual void ophFree (void)=0
 Pure virtual function for override in child classes. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Openholo
virtual ~Openholo (void)=0
 Destructor. More...
bool checkExtension (const char *fname, const char *ext)
 Functions for extension checking. More...
bool loadAsImgUpSideDown (const char *fname, uchar *dst)
 Function for loading image files | Output image data upside down. More...
bool getImgSize (int &w, int &h, int &bytesperpixel, const char *fname)
 Function for getting the image size. More...
void imgScaleBilnear (uchar *src, uchar *dst, int w, int h, int neww, int newh)
 Function for change image size. More...
void convertToFormatGray8 (uchar *src, uchar *dst, int w, int h, int bytesperpixel)
 Function for convert image format to gray8. More...
void fft1 (int n, Complex< Real > *in, int sign=OPH_FORWARD, uint flag=OPH_ESTIMATE)
 Functions for performing fftw 1-dimension operations inside Openholo. More...
void fft2 (ivec2 n, Complex< Real > *in, int sign=OPH_FORWARD, uint flag=OPH_ESTIMATE)
 Functions for performing fftw 2-dimension operations inside Openholo. More...
void fft3 (ivec3 n, Complex< Real > *in, int sign=OPH_FORWARD, uint flag=OPH_ESTIMATE)
 Functions for performing fftw 3-dimension operations inside Openholo. More...
void fftExecute (Complex< Real > *out)
 Execution functions to be called after fft1, fft2, and fft3. More...
void fftFree (void)
void fftwShift (Complex< Real > *src, Complex< Real > *dst, int nx, int ny, int type, bool bNormalized=false)
 Convert data from the spatial domain to the frequency domain using 2D FFT on CPU. More...
void fftShift (int nx, int ny, Complex< Real > *input, Complex< Real > *output)
 Swap the top-left quadrant of data with the bottom-right , and the top-right quadrant with the bottom-left. More...
void setPixelNumberOHC (const ivec2 pixel_number)
 getter/setter for OHC file read and write More...
void setPixelPitchOHC (const vec2 pixel_pitch)
void setWavelengthOHC (const Real wavelength, const LenUnit wavelength_unit)
void setWaveLengthNumOHC (const uint wavelength_num)
void setColorTypeOHC (const ColorType color_type)
void setColorArrangeOHC (const ColorArran color_arrange)
void setWaveLengthUnitOHC (const LenUnit length_unit)
void setFieldEncodingOHC (const FldStore field_store, const FldCodeType field_code_type)
void setPhaseEncodingOHC (const BPhaseCode phase_code, const vec2 phase_code_range)
void addWaveLengthNComplexFieldDataOHC (const Real wavelength, const OphComplexField &complex_field)
 Function to add ComplexField when adding wavelength data. More...
void addWaveLengthOHC (const Real wavelength)
void addComplexFieldDataOHC (const OphComplexField &complex_field)
void getPixelNumberOHC (ivec2 &pixel_number)
void getPixelPitchOHC (vec2 &pixel_pitch)
void getWavelengthOHC (vector< Real > &wavelength)
void getWaveLengthNumOHC (uint &wavelength_num)
void getColorTypeOHC (ColorType &color_type)
void getColorArrangeOHC (ColorArran &color_arrange)
void getWaveLengthUnitOHC (LenUnit &length_unit)
void getComplexFieldDataOHC (Complex< Real > **cmplx, uint wavelen_idx)
void getComplexFieldDataOHC (OphComplexField &cmplx, uint wavelen_idx)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Base
virtual ~Base (void)
 Destructor. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Openholo
OphConfig context_
Complex< Real > ** complex_H
 OHC file format Variables for read and write. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Base
unsigned long refCnt

Detailed Description


Definition at line 64 of file ophRec.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ophRec()

ophRec::ophRec ( void  )


Definition at line 48 of file ophRec.cpp.

◆ ~ophRec()

ophRec::~ophRec ( void  )


Definition at line 53 of file ophRec.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ophFree()

virtual void ophRec::ophFree ( void  )
protectedpure virtual

Pure virtual function for override in child classes.

Reimplemented from Openholo.

Implemented in ophCascadedPropagation, and ophWaveAberration.

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